Orion Collection

Orion Collection

The Orion Collection is the best choice if you are looking for an affordable insulated garage door. The virtually maintenance free Orion Collection features a 3 layer construction with polystyrene core sandwiched between the two layers of steel.

Orion 3200

Pinch Resistant Section Joints
25 Gauge Steel
Insulated 2″ sections
R-Value: 8.9

Sections: Limited Lifetime Warranty

Hardware: 6 Years

Springs: 5 Years


Orion 3200 Brochure
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Orion 3400

Tongue & Groove Section Joints
25 Gauge Steel
Insulated  1½” sections
R-value: 7.4

Sections: Limited Lifetime Warranty

Hardware: 4 Years

Springs: 4 Years


Orion 3400 Brochure
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